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Jason Cunningham


While performing air guitar as a kid, Jason (JAM) Cunningham always played the instrument that made the room shake. It wasn't long before he convinced his mom that he was serious about the real thing. After some persuasion, (chores, grades, teenage angst) she finally bought him a "Little Red Kay Bass". He carried that old thing around like a security blanket, sitting down to learn new beats whenever, wherever there was music. He started playing professionally in high school and eventually put college on permanent hiatus in order to tour. Playing anywhere anytime, he soon became the go-to-guy for anyone short a bass player. That motto still continues to this day.


Jason (JAM) Cunningham: When I was approached to play the music of Styx for Grand Allusion, I jumped at the chance. Styx has been in my top 10 since before I started playing bass. They're one of my favorite studies. Chuck's bass lines are unique in that they phrase, yet hold down the fort. I obligated to Grand Allusion because of the musicianship. We say what we do, and do what we say. Out of respect for Styx AND Grand Allusion, everyone does their homework and shows up to give their all to make the music of Styx sound "Off The Record". I'm honored to be a part of such a troupe.

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