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Dennis Stringfield

Lead Vocals (Tommy Shaw), Drums and Percussion

and Backing Vocals

"Styx music was and is very dear to me and was integral to my early development as a drummer and singer."

Dennis Stringfield started playing drums and singing at age 13.  Excellent in both band and choir in Junior and Senior High School.  He won many awards including the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award.  He went on after school to play nationally and internationally in bands like Rick Recht and Javier Mendoza.  Aside from those two bands he's played in or is still playing in Aucet Music Project, Autumn Child, Animal Empty, Ben Wah Bob, Billy Engle, Party Rock and was the percussionist in El Monstero.  In addition to playing live, Dennis also teaches drum lessons privately seven days a week.  

"The first 45 record I ever bought was Mr. Roboto.  I have every Styx record and have seen the band 5 times!  Styx is an underrated, great American rock band."

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