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Eugene Holdenried

Lead Vocals (James Young), Guitar, Mandolin

and Backing Vocals

"Playing in Grand Allusion has been one of my most fulfilling and challenging musical accomplishments.“  Eugene has played in various rock bands since the early eighties and feels right at home onstage. “I know everyone wants to be in that spotlight, so when I’m up there I’m doing it for you…playing the part of the rock star everyone wants to be.” He has worked with many local musicians and covered lots of musical, as well as physical, ground. Eugene has always strived for authenticity in his craft. From cover bands to tribute bands he’s always tried to capture the essence and integrity of the original material. “The first vinyl I owned was STYX, The Grand Illusion. Being a rock guitarist I really dug the harder edged side of STYX, so covering JY on vocals and guitar has always been a dream.” Eugene plays electric and acoustic six and twelve string guitars, and the occasional mandolin, all while covering James Young vocals.

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