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Dec 06, 2015

Review of Family Arena Show by Todd Kohler, KGF Rocks at

The Grand Allusion: Tim Lokey: Lead & Backing Vocals, Eugene Holdenried: Guitar/Lead & Backing Vocals, Keith Wagner: Keyboards/Backing Vocals, Jason Cunningham: Bass/Backing Vocals, Dennis Stringfield: Drums/Lead & Backing Vocals, Carlos Bedoya: Guitar/Backing Vocals. The harmony was very good and vocals were as good as it gets. The Guitar work of Eugene Holdenried and Carlos Bedoya was very good as well. But what stood out was the Keyboard work of Keith Wagner Spot on and made Grand Allusion a true allusion to the band Styx.

May 23, 2015

Facebook Comment from Scott Buschmann, Madman's Diary & Mad Production Video

So I go out to see tributes all the time, there [have been two times] I wish I was in the tribute, one was last night, the Styx guys were jaw dropping flat out killer, very proud to do some work with them .

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