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Scott Marlin
Lead Vocals (Dennis DeYoung)
and Backing Vocals

The "First Time" "This Old Man" heard Styx, I was on a "Boat On The River" with "Too Much Time On My Hands". At first I was "Snowblind", but then I looked into my "Crystal Ball" and realized "Right Away" when listening to this amazing band that they were the "Great White Hope" and this was "The Best Of Times". "A Man Like Me" realized it was "High Time" to listen to everything Styx that I could to "Light Up" my senses. My buddy, "Eddie" "Put Me On" to all the Styx albums. Being a bit of a "Renegade" at the time, I would go for a "Midnight Ride" to break down the "Castle Walls" that left me feeling like a "Man In The Wilderness" and blast this incredible band and especially "Suite Madame Blue" through the car speakers! My "Mademoiselle", "Lady", rather "Babe", by my side, loved hearing every song. We lived "Come Sail Away" like the anthem that it is! Her name wasn't "Lorelei" or "Jennifer", but she was definitely my "Miss America" and "Queen of Spades". When I listen to "Rockin' The Paradise", it brings back great memories of early MTV when "Mr. Roboto" would play on the hour and be on when I came home from being a "Blue Collar Man". Between the years of 1975-1983 Styx could do no wrong, from Equinox through Kilroy Was Here. You are "Fooling Yourself" if you think these guys aren't "Superstars"! When I listen to Styx music. "I'm OK".


Welcome to the "Grand Allusion" indeed!

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